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Meet Our Team

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Abby Lagman



I started my travel career with Walt Disney Travel Company as a young adult,  in the summer of 1999.  Though I loved the company and culture, the friendly skies called upon me and I became a flight attendant with a major airline at the age of 19.  The travel industry changed drastically after 9/11, so I decided to move to Las Vegas and pursued travel and hospitality in different venues.  With different roles in hotels, night clubs, entertainment and wholesale travel companies, I was able to build strong business relationships all over the world and in 2014, became a Virtuoso luxury travel advisor.  In 2019, I opened the doors to Blissful Travel Company.


I have a certificate in hospitality and tourism management from Florida Atlantic University, attend travel shows all over the world and enjoy traveling and sharing my experiences on my social media platforms, contributing to different travel industry publications, TV outlets and blogs.  I usually have a phone or camera in hand, ready for that perfect shot! 


Recently, I've visited some amazing destinations such as Thailand, Australia, Bali, Egypt and Jordan!  Though my travels take me all over the world, I am proud to call Las Vegas home.


Looking for travel tips or maybe some inspiration on where to go next?  Check out my blog where I share my personal travels and experiences!

I started my career in the travel industry in 1989 in Culver City, California.

My friend’s mother owned an agency at the time and asked us if we wanted to work a couple hour here and there.  Her mom needed the help and we wanted the extra money, so we did it!  A few months into working at the agency, I became very interested and started watching and learning from her.  I found it exciting to see her make people so happy to make their life long dreams a reality.  Soon after, I worked with her as a travel advisor for over a year and loved it!  I started as a leisure agent and then started to work with corporate clients.

Throughout the years, I have been able to travel to places in Latin America, Caribbean, and many places in the US.  I have also been on several cruises and enjoy traveling as much as planning. 

I have worked for a few great travel agencies, United Airlines and in 2015 achieved my goal by opening up my own agency.  I still have the passion in helping people make their dreams come true and helping them plan vacations of a lifetime.

Mary Money


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Travel is the most freeing feeling I've ever felt. I've driven all around North America, cruised the Caribbean, taken trains all over Europe and more. Whether I'm checking out other parts of the country, or getting out and seeing the rest of the world, my favorite parts about travelling are the experiences I have that I know I can't have at home, and the connections I make with people. Travel has become such a huge part of my life, and I have always been somebody who craved the opportunity to share these travel experiences with as many of my friends as possible. Now, here I am to help as many people as I can to do the same.

Nick Dionne


I grew up in Olympia, Washington and have always had a love for travel.  I went on my first cruise in high school, and was hooked.  After graduating from high school, I worked for a travel agency that taught me the travel business from the ground up, including Apollo (the United Airlines reservations system).  I went to college at Washington State University, but still continued to work as a travel agent during my college breaks.  After receiving my degree in business, I decided to travel the world by working on cruise ships for two years as a hostess.  When I returned on land, I moved to Las Vegas where I started working for Macy’s as a regional manager of tourism marketing.  I gained so much experience in marketing, fashion and tourism.  Five years ago, I became a travel advisor and love what I do.  I love exotic beach vacations and everything Disney, so became a certified Disney expert as well as a cruise specialist.  I love adventure and sharing my experiences such as taking a helicopter to a glacier in Alaska, swimming in the Blue Hole in Punta Cana, and one of my favorites, swimming with the pigs in the Bahamas.  Travel is my true passion and love assisting my clients, developing relationships and making their vacation dreams come true.

Shannon DeBoer


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My love for travel and hospitality has led me to work for the best hotels, travel agencies, cruise booking agencies as well as luxury travel.  I am excited to assist you in booking a trip to fit your budget.  I partner with the best travel partners to ensure you have the best experience.

I would love to assist you and your family and friends with their travel plans.  i have traveled to Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Venezuela, Trinidad, Tobago, Canada, Mexico, the Hawaiian Islands and Caribbean Islands.  I love to share my experiences and look forward to the great feedback from clients when they return.

Dawnette Smith


I’ve always had a love of travel which began with taking road trips with my dad when I was a kid driving to Central and Northern California, travelling by Amtrak cross country, or RVing to the Grand Canyon. After college, I began my career in marketing and graphic design and have worked with a cruise travel company in marketing and advertising and years later with a boutique event planning firm as an event manager/consultant, cultivating positive relationships with clients by creating successful events and travel experiences.
Through the years I’ve traveled to the Caribbean, Hawaii, New York, New Orleans, Vancouver, and London and there is so much more that I would like to see and explore. I enjoy collaborating with clients to create fun, relaxing, stress-free travel experiences.

Nicole Williams



With a wanderlust that has taken me to the neon streets and historical wonders of Japan, the enchanting cities of Europe, and relaxing beauty of the Hawaiian islands, I'm committed to helping you check off every box on your travel bucket list.  

Drawing from firsthand experiences and a deep understanding of what makes each destination truly special, I'm dedicated to crafting tailor-made itineraries that turn ideas into experiences.

Let me help you embark on a voyage of discovery, where every moment is an opportunity to create cherished memories that last a lifetime!

Davis Van Renen


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